Rhoda Herold is a Weimar(GER)-based freelance graphic designer with a focus on typography and clear aesthetics, mainly in the field of print media. She is currently working on her bachelor's thesis at Bauhaus-University Weimar, into which she will be able to give an insight soon.

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  • 2023

    Ohne Bild

    Bachelor's documentation

    180 x 240 mm

    Digital printing at Buch- und Offsetdruckerei H. Heenemann Berlin

    Phantasy — in this work equated with imagination — describes the psychological ability to develop non-present, so-called mental images and to bring them up with the inner eye, similar to visual perception. The fact that this ability is not equally strong among everyone and in some cases even does not exist at all has been receiving more attention over the past few years. Aphantasia describes exactly this phenomenon: a limited or even absent voluntary visual imagination. Ideas remain abstract and the translation from word to concrete image does not happen. »Ohne Bild« (»Without Image«) asks: What could the visual translation of this non-visual phenomenon look like? And what creative potential does it offer for us? In this work Rhoda Herold explores a/her creative perspective on aphantasia. Deconstructed type represents metaphorically the imagination with aphantasia.